Forthcoming Seminars

Please note that Critical Sexology seminars are free of charge and open to all. There is no need to register your intention to attend with the organizer(s).

Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place between 2pm and 6pm.

Forthcoming seminars in 2018:

“Friday 26th January 2018 | “Sex Advice”

To be organized by Meg-John Barker.
Venue: Room 2, 1-11, Hawley Crescent, Open University, Camden, London NW1 8NP.


  • Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey
    “Mediated Intimacy: Sex Advice in Media Culture”
  • Rachel Wood
    “The Working Lives of Sex Experts”
  • Petra Boynton
    “Sex Advice: An Agony Aunt Perspective”
  • Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock
    “Creating Sex-Critical Sex Advice”


  • Feona Attwood
  • Lisa Downing