Critical Sexology is…

…an interdisciplinary seminar series for psychologists, sociologists, psychoanalysts, medical doctors, literary and cultural studies scholars, philosophers, artists, lawyers, historians, and activists with a critical interest in the construction and management of gender and sexuality in the medical, discursive and cultural spheres.

“The Three Graces” © Photo by Del LaGrace Volcano, visual artist and regular Critical Sexology participant

The seminar series was established in 2002 by Iain Morland and Lih-Mei Liao. In 2006, Lisa Downing and Meg-John Barker became co-organizers, joined by Robert Gillett in 2008. Critical Sexology has held two or three seminars per year in London, Birmingham, and a range of locations in the North of England. One session per year is traditionally devised and run by a guest-organizer.

Critical Sexology is currently co-organized by Stephanie Davis (UEL), Elliot Evans (University of Birmingham), and Jos Twist (Clinical psychologist).