Critical Sexology is…

…an interdisciplinary seminar series for psychologists, sociologists, psychoanalysts, medical doctors, literary and cultural studies scholars, philosophers, artists, lawyers, and historians with a critical interest in the construction and management of gender and sexuality in the medical, discursive and cultural spheres.

“The Three Graces” © Photo by Del LaGrace Volcano, visual artist and regular Critical Sexology participant

Established in 2002 by Iain Morland and Lih-Mei Liao, Critical Sexology has since held two or three seminars per year. All meetings took place in London until 2011, when “Critical Sexology up North” was launched. In 2014, an annual Midlands-based session was inaugurated.

The seminar series is currently co-organized by Lisa Downing (University of Birmingham), Meg-John Barker (Open University), and Robert Gillett (Queen Mary, University of London).