19 February 2016: Sexuality and Mental Health

A guest-organized session organized by Nuno Nodin.


Dr Nuno Nodin (psychologist and researcher)
“LGBT Mental Health Risk and Resilience, Findings from the RaRE Research”

Dr Caroline Walters (Visiting Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University) “On Bisexuality and Borderline Personality Disorder”

Dr Adam Bourne (Lecturer, Social & Environmental Health Research, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
“Gay Men and Chem-Sex”


Claudia Celadon (therapist)


28 October 2016: A Collaborative Critical Sexology and Sex-Gen-in-the-South seminar.

Organized by Feona Attwood and Meg-John Barker


Jessica Ringrose and Emilie Lawrence
“From Misandry Memes to Calling Out Manspreading: How Social Media Feminist Humour is Challenging Sexism and Sexual Violence”

Rachel O’Neill
“Buying into Seduction”

Pam Alldred
“Students, Societies, Sexual Violence and Support”

Eleanor Wilkinson
Laura Harvey


9 December 2016: Anti-Post-Queer

A “Critsex in the Midlands” seminar held at the University of Birmingham, organized by Lisa Downing and Robert Gillett.


Prof. Lisa Downing (French and Sexuality Studies, University of Birmingham) and Dr Robert Gillett (German and Comparative Literature, QMUL)
“For an Anti-Post-Queer Agenda”

Dr Nicola Smith (Politics, University of Birmingham)
“F***ing Capitalism: Queer Theory and Political Economy”

Dr Marios Psaras (Film Studies, KCL)
“Queerly/Weirdly Ethical: Contemporary Greek Cinema and its Discontents”


Dr Meg-John Barker (Psychology), Open University

Dr Oliver Davis (French Studies), University of Warwick

The seminar closed with a reception to celebrate the publication of Marios Psaras’s book, The Queer Greek Weird Wave, and of Meg-John Barker’s Queer: A Graphic History.