30 January 2015: Feminist Encounters with Evolutionary Psychology

A guest-organized session convened by Rachel O’Neill (King’s College, London).


Prof. Deborah Cameron (University of Oxford)
“Evolution, language and the battle of the sexes: A feminist linguist encounters evolutionary psychology”

Dr Celia Roberts (Lancaster University)
“Evolution, early puberty and the half-lives of childhood trauma: A feminist encounter”

Laura Garcia-Favaro (City University).
“The ‘truth’ cannot be sexist?: Postfeminist biologism in transnational technologies of mediated intimacy”​

22 May 2015: Queer/Coercion

A “Critsex in the Midlands” session.
A guest-organized session convened by Dr Oliver Davis (University of Warwick)


Alex Dymock (Law, Criminology and Sociology, Royal Holloway)
‘Eroticising retribution?: criminalising “revenge pornography”’

Marc Lafrance (Sociology, Concordia)
‘The Dark Side of Camp: Violence Against Men in Popular Music Videos Made by Women’

Matthew Waites (Sociology, Glasgow)
‘Queering Genocide’


Oliver Davis (French Studies, Warwick)
Kayte Stokoe (French Studies, Warwick)

23 October 2015: Fat Sex”
A guest-organized session by Dr Caroline Walters (Middlesex University).


Dr Francis Ray White (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Westminster)
“Failures, Futures, and the Queerness of Fat Sex”

Frances Hatherley (PhD Student, Middlesex University)
“Against ‘Good Taste': Class, Corpulence, and the Subversive Pleasures of ‘Unfit’ Femininities”


Michelle Green (PhD Student, University of Nottingham)
Laura Ellen Joyce (Lecturer in Film and Literature at Edinburgh Napier University)