30 March 2012 : Sexuality and Time

Guest-organized by Jana Funke (University of Exeter)

Jessica Cadwallader
(Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of Groningen)
“Wounded Detachments: Violence, Sex and Therapeutic Forgetting”

Ben Davies
(English, St Andrews)
“The Erotics of Exceptionality: Agamben, Time and Sex”

Emily Grabham
(Law, University of Kent)
“The Politics of Prognosis: HIV, Anti-Retrovirals, and the Definition of Disability in UK Equality Law, 1996-2005″

Bob Mills
(English, KCL)
“Transgender Time”


Ery Shin
(English, University of Oxford)

Dr Olu Jenzen
(English, University of Brighton)

22 June 2012 : Sexuality and Age

Guest-organized by Surya Monro, Sharon Wray, and Tracey Yeadon-Lee
(A “Critsex up North” held at the University of Huddersfield)

Elizabeth McDermott
“Young People and Sexuality”

Paul Simpson
(Manchester University)
“Gay Men and Aging”

Rebecca Jones
(Open University)
“Bisexuality and Aging”


Dr Sharon Wray
(University of Huddersfield)

7th December 2012 : Queer and/in Translation

Organized by BJ Epstein (University of East Anglia) and Robert Gillett (QMUL)

Live-tweets of this session can be found here.

BJ Epstein
(Lecturer in Literature and Translation, University of East Anglia)
“Neither Here Nor Queer: Translating Queer Literature for Children from English to Swedish”

Heike Bauer
(Senior Lecturer in English and Director of Birkbeck Interdiscplinary Gender and Sexuality Studies, Birkbeck, University of London)
“Dead Wilde: Translation and the Emotional Undercurrents of Modern Queer Culture”

Clara Bradbury-Rance
(PhD Candidate in Film, English and American Studies, University of Manchester)
“‘This is So, So Real’: Realizing Lesbian Sex, Compromising Queer Space in Nathalie… and Chloe”


Emily Jeremiah
Lecturer in and Director of German, Royal Holloway, University of London)