11 March 2011: Feminist/ Sexualities Praxis: Can High Theory Meet Grass Roots?

Organized by Lisa Downing

Fiona Handyside
(Film Studies, and Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe, University of Exeter)
“Anecdotal Activism: Assessing the Feminist Potential of Confession”

Estelle Noonan
(Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney, Australia)
“From Russian Formalism… to Industrial Relations: Feminism, Female Masochism and the Australian Campaign for Paid Maternity Leave”

Camel Gupta
(Independent scholar and activist)
“‘I Ain’t Your Fetish’: BDSM, Queer People of Colour, White Normativity, Homonationalism”


Robert Gillett
(German Studies and Comparative Literature, Queen Mary, University of London)

Alison Bancroft
(Interdisciplinary Cultural and Media Studies, Queen Mary, University of London, University of the Arts and Kingston University)

Rahul Rao
(International Studies and Diplomacy, SOAS, University of London)

23 September 2011: Relationships

Organized by Meg Barker in collaboration with Christian Klesse, held at Manchester Metropolitan University
(First “Critsex up North” event)

Anna Einarsdottir and Brian Heaphy
(University of Manchester)
“Civil Partnerships”

Christian Klesse
(Manchester Metropolitan University)
“Non-monogamous Relationships”

Mark Carrigan
(University of Warwick)
“Asexual Relationships”


Eleanor Wilkinson
(University of Leeds)

Hera Cook
(University of Birmingham)

8 December 2011: Sex on Trial

Co-organized by Critical Sexology and Laura Harvey, Mutiny

Programme of workshops:

“Perspectives on Sex Education”
(Ester McGeeny and speakers from the Sex Workers Open University)

(Alex Dymock, Alex Brew, Deborah Grayson, Miles Jackman, Jane Fae)

“Sex Police”
(Jo Johnson, Sarah Mclleland, Kitty Stryker, Cari Mitchell)

“Activist listening”
(Meg Barker and Jamie Heckert)

“Sexual Revolution”
(Nor, Xanthe Whittaker)