5 March 2010: Sex Blogging, Gender, and Sexual Subcultures

Organized and Chaired by Lisa Downing

Kaye Mitchell
(Lecturer in Contemporary Literature, Centre for New Writing, University of Manchester)
“Raunch vs. Prude: Contemporary Sex Blogs and Erotic Memoirs by Women’”

Meg Barker
(Lecturer in Psychology, Open University)
Rosalind Gill
(Professor, Centre for Culture, Media and Creative industries, King’s College, London)
“Sexual Subjectification and Bitchy Jones’s Diary

Kitty Stryker
(Sex blogger, author of PurrVersatility)
“‘En/forced Femme’: The Peep Show Experience of Blogging as a Sex Worker”


Alex Dymock
(Independent scholar, BDSM activist)

Caroline Walters
(Doctoral candidate, CISSGE, University of Exeter)

28 May 2010: When is Sex Bad?

Guest-organized by Hera Cook

Dan Healey
(Dept. of History, University of Swansea)
“Bad Sex in a Bad Place: Penal Homosexuality and the Reform of the Gulag after Stalin”

Hera Cook
(Dept. of History, University of Birmingham)
“When is Sex Bad? Children and Sexuality”

Jan Campbell
(Dept. of English, University of Birmingham/ clinical psychotherapist)
“Sex in Fantasy and Reality, and the Importance of Not Knowing what we Want”


Ruth Hallam-Jones
(Relationship and Sexual Psychotherapist)

Professor Cornelie Usborne
(Dept. of History University of Roehampton)

24 September 2010: What is Sex?

Organized by Meg Barker

Meg Barker
(Psychology in Social Sciences, The Open University)
“Sex in Psychosexual Therapy and Sexual Communities”

Jamie Heckert
(Anarchist Studies Network)
“What is Sex Ed?”

Christina Richards
(West London Mental Health NHS Trust)
“What Trans Women’s Sexuality Tells Us about Sex”

Eleanor Wilkinson
(Geography, University of Leeds)
”Unhappily Ever After? Compulsory Sexuality and the Rejection of Romantic Love”


Laura Harvey
(Psychology in Social Sciences, The Open University)

Catherine Butler
(Barts & The London NHS Trust)