23 January 2009: Agency

Organized and Chaired by Meg Barker

Y. Gavriel Ansara
(MSc Student, Dept. of Psychology University of Surrey; Director Emeritus, Lifelines, Rhode Island; Speaker on Muliticultural Issues, OII)
“Making the Cut: The Production of Disorder and the Excision of Trans, Pangender and Intersex Patient Autonomy”

Virginia Braun
(Senior Lecturer in Psychology, The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
“‘The Patient tells me what she wants’: Rhetoric of Choice and Agency in Female Genital ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ Discourse”

Alexandra Dymock
(SM and feminist activist, Backlash)
“Taken in Hand?: BDSM, Women and the Post-Feminist Masquerade”


Caroline Walters
(Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe, University of Exeter)

Christina Richards
(West London Mental Health NHS Trust (Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic)

3 April 2009: Method, Ethics, and Process in Sex Research

Guest-organized and Chaired by Petra Boynton

Petra Boynton
(Lecturer in Psychology, UCL)
“Methodological Issues in Sex Research, Therapy and Education”

Teela Sanders
(Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Leeds)
“Ethics and Research on Sex and Sensitive Issues”

Charlie Murphy
“Processes of Making the Kissing Casts: ‘An Experiment in Kissing’”

25 September 2009 : Queer in Europe

Organized by Robert Gillett and Lisa Downing

Bart Eeckhout
(Senior Lecturer, English Studies, Universities of Ghent and Antwerp, Belgium)
“‘Whad’you Talkin’ About?’: Ignorance, Goodwill, Compromise in ‘Queer’ Belgian Activism”

Chrysanthi Nigianni
(Visiting Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of East London)
“Continental Queerness: the Molecular Revolution of Becoming-Minoritarian”

Antoine Rogers
(Senior Lecturer, Social and Policy Studies, London South Bank University)
“In this our Lives: An Exploration of Black Gay Sexual Identity”


James Agar
(French and European Studies, University College, London, UK)

Alison Bancroft
(Cultural Studies, Queen Mary, University of London, UK)

Andrea von Kameke
(Media Studies and Queer/ Gender Studies, ICI, Berlin, Germany)