9 April 2008: “Extreme” Pornography and Discourses of Censorship

Organized and Chaired by Lisa Downing

Julian Petley
(Professor of Film and Television Studies, Brunel University)
“The Dangerous Images Act”

Clarissa Smith
(Programme Leader, MA in Media & Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland)
“On Being an Apologist for Porn”

Alexandra Dymock
(SM and feminist activist, Backlash)
“Against the Backlash: Pornography, Power and the Pressure Group”

Martin Baggaley
(Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Lead NHS Connecting for Health London)
“Links between Extreme Pornography and Psychiatric Disorder – Much Conjecture but Little Evidence”


Adeola Agbebiyi
(Film and Video Examiner, British Board of Film Classification)

Fiona Handyside
(Lecturer in Film, University of Exeter)

Eleanor Wilkinson
(Teaching Assistant in Geography, University of Leeds)

3 September 2008: Intersex: A Disorder of Discourse?

Guest-organized by Iain Morland

Emily Grabham
(Research Fellow, AHRC Research Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, University of Kent)
“Knitting the Nation, Stitching Permanence: Intersex Bodies and the Construction of the Nation in Time”

Iain Morland
(Lecturer in Cultural Criticism, Cardiff University)
“Ways of Reading the Intersex Controversy”

Elizabeth Reis
(Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, University of Oregon)
“What’s in a Name? History, Medicine, and Intersex”


Sarah Creighton
(Consultant Gynaecologist, UCL Hospitals Trust)

Lih-Mei Liao
(Clinical Psychologist, UCL Hospitals Trust)

12 November 2008: Non-monogamies

Organized and Chaired by Meg Barker

Eleanor Wilkinson
(Teaching Assistant, School of Geography, University of Leeds)
“What’s Queer about Non-monogamy Now?”

Meg Barker
(Lecturer in Psychology, Open University)
“New Research in Non-monogamies”

Dee McDonald
(PhD candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Sussex)
“Why Do We Do It? A Critical Look at why People Swing?”


Esther Saxey
(Goldsmiths, University of London)

Darren Langdridge
(Open University)