9 February 2005: What Can We Learn from Pornography?

Chaired by Iain Morland

Meg Barker
(Senior Lecturer in Psychology, South Bank University)
Ani Ritchie
(Lecturer in Media with Cultural Studies, Southampton Institute)
Esther Saxey
(Associate Tutor in Sexual Dissidence, University of Sussex)
“‘What Women Want’: Answers (and Questions?) from Porn”

Petra Boynton
(Lecturer in International Primary Care, UCL)
“Babes in Pornland: Women Researching Sexually Explicit Material”

“Questioning Pornography”
Panel debate chaired by Iain Morland

Del La Grace Volcano
(Visual Artist)

with Meg Barker, Petra Boynton, Ani Ritchie and Esther Saxey

11 May 2005: Dilemmas in Care

Chaired by Katrina Røn

Sarah Creighton
(Consultant Gynaecologist, UCL Hospitals Trust)
“Surgery for Intersex”

Jane Rolin
(Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group (AISSG))
“Support Groups for Intersex”

Polly Carmichael
(Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital)
“Telling Children about their Intersex Diagnosis”

“The Dilemma of Intersex Care”
Roundtable discussion chaired by Katrina Røn

with Polly Carmichael, Sarah Creighton and Jane Rolin

2 November 2005: The Vagina

Chaired by Lih-Mei Liao

Virginia Braun
(Lecturer in Psychology, University of Auckland)
“The Pursuit of Perfection: Aesthetics, Pleasures & ‘Designer Vagina’ Surgery”

Georgina Voss
(Doctoral candidate, Science and Technology Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex)
“Commodification of the Vagina”

Hera Cook
(Lecturer, Department of Modern History, University of Birmingham)
“Women & Sexual Pleasure: Why was Vaginal & Clitoral Sensation so Heavily Contested during the 20th Century? (And are the arguments all over now?)”

Roundtable discussion chaired by Lisa Downing
with Virginia Braun, Georgina Voss and Hera Cook