28 February 2003: Changing Gender Narratives

Chaired by Iain Morland

Howard Jacobs
(Former Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology, UCL)
“Reinventing Gender in Shakespeare”

Lih-Mei Liao
(Clinical Psychologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Clinical Health Psychology, UCL)
“Re-negotiating Gender Positions: Can Narrative Therapy Help?”

Del La Grace Volcano
(Visual Artist)
“The Spectacular Specimen”

“Is There Such a Thing as Sexual Dysfunction?”
Panel debate chaired by Lih-Mei Liao

Selim Cellek
(Senior Research Scientist, UCL)

Naomi Crouch
(Research Fellow in Gynaecology, UCL)

Lisa Downing
(Lecturer in French, Queen Mary, University of London)

Jackie Doyle
(Clinical Psychologist, Hillingdon Hospital)

23 May 2003: Sexual Politics, Sexual Practices

Chaired by Lih-Mei Liao

Peter Hegarty (Read by Iseult Twamley)
(Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Surrey)
“Reading the Rorschach: Inventing the Homosexual Personality from World War 1 to Evelyn Hooker”

Wendy O’Brien
(Lecturer in Literary and Cultural Studies, Central Queensland University)
“Slippery Sex: Subversive Possibilities in Sex and Semantics”

Lisa Downing
(Lecturer in French, Queen Mary, University of London)
Dany Nobus
(Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Psychoanalytic Studies, Brunel University)
“Autassassinophilia: From Sexology to Phenomenology”

“Sexual Politics, Sexual Practices”
Panel debate chaired by Iain Morland

Paul Chadwick
(Clinical Psychologist, UCL and Royal Free Hospitals)

David Goldmeier
(Lead Clinician and Physician, Jane Wadsworth Sexual Function Clinic)

Annabelle Willox
(Independent Scholar)

with Lisa Downing , Dany Nobus and Wendy O’Brien

5 November 2003: Sexing the Child

Chaired by Lih-Mei Liao

Nikki Sullivan
(Lecturer in Critical and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University)
“Paedophilia or Paternalism: Reconfiguring Ethics with Michel Foucault and Michael Jackson”

Sarah Creighton
(Consultant Gynaecologist, UCL Hospitals Trust)
“Surgery for Intersex: Problem or Solution?”

“The Age of Gender”
Panel discussion chaired by Iain Morland

Gerry Conway
(Consultant Endocrinologist, UCL Hospitals Trust)

Philip Ransley
(Paediatric Urological Curgeon, Great Ormond Street Hospital)

Katrina Roen
(Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Health Research, Lancaster University)

Del La Grace Volcano
(Visual Artist)