14 June 2002: Childhood and Adolescence

Chaired by Lih-Mei Liao

Iain Morland
(Associate Lecturer in Culture, Literature and Media, Cardiff University)
“Children’s Stories of Sexual Difference”

Paul Chadwick
(Clinical Psychologist, St. Mary’s Hospital, London)
“Delayed Puberty”

1 November 2002: Sexual Diversity

Chaired by Iain Morland

Mary Boyle
(Professor of Psychology, University of East London)
“Consensual Surgery for Adults with Intersex Conditions: A Solution to What Problem?”

Dee Amy-Chinn
(Doctoral Candidate in Media Arts, Royal Holloway)
“The Stark Impossibility of Thinking That: Cult TV and the Sexing of the Alien Body”

“How Many Sexes Are There?”
Panel debate chaired by Iain Morland

Pamela Church-Gibson
(Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Contextual Studies, London Institute)

Sarah Creighton
(Consultant Gynaecologist, UCL Hospitals Trust)

Mandy Merck
(Professor of Media Arts, Royal Holloway)