Friday 26th January 2018: Sex Advice

Organized by Meg-John Barker.


Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey
“Mediated Intimacy: Sex Advice in Media Culture”

Rachel Wood
“The Working Lives of Sex Experts”

Petra Boynton
“Sex Advice: An Agony Aunt Perspective”

Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock
“Creating Sex-Critical Sex Advice”


Feona Attwood
Lisa Downing



Friday 30th November 2018: #MeToo and Consent

Organized by Elliot Evans.


Vicki Baars
“How #MeToo and the media have influenced Higher Education responses to Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence”

Rachel O’Neill
“Men and #MeToo: On Non-Knowing and Wilful Ignorance”

Tanya Serisier
“MeToo, Collective Narratives and Sexual Politics”

Elliot Evans
“‘Sexual Freedom’? #MeToo, Nationalism and Identity in France”


Alex Dymock